Branch Breaker

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  • Naion located at Harpa's Camp


  • Gained 490 XP.
  • Acquired 42 Copper.
  • Acquired: [Heart's Beat]


Kill Dry Wood Elementals or Withered Wood Elementals in Paean Hills.
Skills can be dragged from your skill window to the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen. Select an enemy and click an offensive skill to attack.

  • Kill Dry Wood Elementals 0/3

Report to Madriel south of Harpa's Camp.

  • Report to Madriel


  • Naion : Heading off to the Field of Honor? Why don't you try out what you've learned here before you go?
  • Naion : The Wood Elementals along the southern path should make the perfect test of your abilities. Since you're headed that way anyway, kill a few as you go, and then report to Madriel when you're done.
  • Naion : And don't worry if the Wood Elementals are a bit too much for you right now. You can always come back later. Like Drillmaster Harpa always says, the greatest teacher is experience!

  • Madriel : You killed the Wood Elementals?
  • Madriel : You've really improved during your time here! Well done.

-The XP reward may vary depending of the character level, and also by the early-bird and overachieve systems.
-All this content originates from In-Game descriptions