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ArcheAge's class system has 10 different skillsets and allows players to choose 3 of these. This results in 120 different classes which makes for an assortment of classes amongst players. However, as a new player, knowing which class to choose and how to choose can be a daunting task. This page aims to provide guidelines for beginners in choosing a class based on four main MMO archetypes: Attacker, Tank, Healer, and Bard. However, as stated, this page is only meant to serve as guidelines and in no way invalidates the viability of other classes.

Brief Skillset Overview

In order to fully understand why some skillsets work better together than others, it's important to understand the main role of each skillset. The following table briefly covers what each skillset aims to achieve. If you want to look at the classes in more detail, click the name of the skillset.

Skillset Name Role
Battlerage Offensive Melee. Typical melee attacker skillset.
Sorcery Offensive Mage. Typical burst magic attacker skillset.
Archery Offensive Archer. Typical ranged, kiting skillset.
Vitalism Primary Healer/Support
Occultism Offensive/Utility Mage. Not as bursty as the Sorcery skillset, but does have crowd control, magic damage increasing passives, and damage mitigation.
Shadowplay Offensive/Utility Melee. Provides additional melee burst damage, crowd control, and utility via stealth and mobility. Because of its high mobility, this skillset is often considered a must-have with Archery to boost kiting ability.
Songcraft Support Bard. Play songs to buff your party. Also has strong magical damage and healing passives for glass cannon mage/glass healer builds.
Witchcraft Utility Mage. Skillset which has crowd control and more crowd control. Good third skillset for most classes that want crowd control.
Auramancy All-Around Utility. Mobility, attack speed buffs, magic damage mitigation, and more. Strong skillset to take to round off any class. Also has very strong synergy with Vitalism and is often considered a must-have skillset if you want to be a primary healer.
Defense Utility, Tank. The skillset to take if you want your class to become even slightly tankier. Also has the main aggro generating skills for PvE boss tanking. Can be taken by almost any class as a strong third class to provide extra tankiness.


General Guidelines for Choosing a Class

When creating a class, you typically want to choose your skillsets based on the idea of Core-Support-Support. What this means is you will want to choose a Core skillset and then two other skillsets which will support your Core skillset.

For example, if you wanted to be a melee attacker, your Core skillset would be Battlerage. The next skillset you would choose would then be a skillset which synergizes well with Battlerage such as the Shadowplay skillset since both are Offensive Melee role-wise). Then, the final skillset you choose would complement the other two skillsets such as Auramancy, a skillset that, because of its all-around utility, is a good final skillset to choose.

From here on, the rest of the page will follow these guidelines when choosing classes.



Classes categorized as attackers are typically the classes that will be doing the highest DPS (Damage per Second) against enemies. In ArcheAge, there are three main skillsets which can be classified as core attacking skillsets: Battlerage (Melee), Sorcery (Mage), and Archery (Archer).


Core Skillset
Secondary Skillsets with Strong Synergy
Shadowplay, Defense
Final Complementary Skillsets
Defense/Shadowplay if not chosen above, Auramancy, Witchcraft


Table of Recommended Melee Attacker Classes
Class Name Core Skillset Secondary Skillset Final Skillset Description
Blighter Battlerage Shadowplay Defense Utilizes the burst and utility of Shadowplay while also using Defense to remain tanky.
Darkrunner Battlerage Shadowplay Auramancy Uses Auramancy for mobility, crowd control, and attack speed increase to make Battlerage and Shadowplay burst hit harder and faster.
Shadowblade Battlerage Shadowplay Witchcraft Similar to Darkrunner but sacrifices the utility of Auramancy for the crowd control of Witchcraft. Also counters most players whose class relies on a Sleep combo.
Abolisher Battlerage Defense Auramancy The go-to tank class of ArcheAge. Damage mitigation from Defense and Auramancy helps tank things better while Battlerage still outputs good damage.
Hexblade Battlerage Defense Witchcraft The middleground between Abolisher and Shadowblade. Although lacking the burst of a Shadowblade, it sacrifices that burst for additional tankiness like Abolisher, but with crowd control and Sleep immunity.



Core Skillset
Secondary Skillset with Strong Synergy
Witchcraft, Shadowplay, Defense
Final Complementary Skillset
Witchcraft/Shadowplay/Defense if not chosen above, Auramancy, Songcraft, Occultism


Table of Recommended Magic Attacker Classes
Class Name Core Skillset Secondary Skillset Final Skillset Description
Daggerspell Sorcery Witchcraft Shadowplay One of the most popular mage classes in ArcheAge. The utility of Shadowplay allows for slippery mobility while Witchcraft's crowd control helps setup for the long, but hard-hitting skills in Sorcery.
Cabalist Sorcery Witchcraft Defense Similar to Daggerspell, but sacrifices the mobility and utility of Shadowplay for the tankiness of Defense.
Arcanist Sorcery Witchcraft Auramancy The middleground between Daggerspell and Cabalist. Although not as tanky as Cabalist or hyper-mobile as Daggerspell, it still has mobility skills and damage mitigation along with a slew of other utility skills.
Lamentor Sorcery Witchcraft Songcraft Although lacking mobility, this class is infamous for setting new cast time reduction lows as well as using Songcraft's magic damage passive to score big damage numbers.
Demonologist Sorcery Witchcraft Occultism Although lacking mobility, still an all-around mage which benefits from magic damage increase passives from Occultism and Witchcraft Crowd Control. Outputs good damage in PvE scenarios.
Enigmatist Sorcery Shadowplay Auramancy One of the most popular mage classes in ArcheAge. Although Auramancy only has one true form of Crowd Control compared to the multiple options in Witchcraft, the extra mobility and attack speed increase in Auramancy are just as beneficial to mage players as Witchcraft.
Swiftstone Sorcery Shadowplay Defense Has the utility and mobility of Shadowplay while also being a bit more tankier with Defense. Even without Witchcraft, Defense can mitigate some of the damage you receive while you cast your hard-hitting skills, especially now with the introduction of the level 55 Sorcery insta-cast skill.
Spellsinger Sorcery Shadowplay Songcraft The glass cannon mage build. Shadowplay allows you to sneak around before you rain spells and proc magic crits on your enemies from Songcraft.
Earthsinger Sorcery Defense Songcraft Although still hard-hitting with Songcraft's magic damage increase passive, Defense allows you to survive more than Spellsinger counterparts by sacrificing Shadowplay's utility and mobility.
Revenant Sorcery Auramancy Occultism Deviating a little from the format, this class gets a special mention for being the AoE King. A raid of these mages can wreak havoc on other raids when done correctly due to the sheer amount of damage being output in all directions. Also very strong for farming groups of mobs.



Core Skillset
Secondary SKillset with Strong Synergy
Final Complementary Skillset
Auramancy, Defense, Witchcraft


Table of Recommended Ranged Attacker Classes
Class Name Core Skillset Secondary Skillset Final Skillset Description
Primeval Archery Shadowplay Auramancy The most popular archery class in ArcheAge. This class maximizes the amount of mobility a class can have with both Shadowplay and Auramancy while utilizing Auramancy's attack speed increase and Shadowplay's burst to maximize potential DPS.
Stone Arrow Archery Shadowplay Defense Also another popular archery class, Stone Arrow opts to survive when caught by enemies through tankiness rather than extra mobility but still has the ability to be just as slippery and kite just as well as other archery classes.
Trickster Archery Shadowplay Witchcraft Instead of being tanky or hyper-mobile to help get away, Trickster utilizes crowd control to keep the enemy at bay.



The "tank" role in ArcheAge can be a little confusing because a lot of classes can be tanky but not be a tank. Also, the tank role differs between PvP and PvE whereas classes in other archetypes can fulfill both PvE and PvP roles the same. Due to this, instead of following the format of Core-Support-Support, this section will just list popular tank classes as well as small descriptions on those classes.


Table of Recommended Tank Classes
Class Name Core Skillset Secondary Skillset Final Skillset Description
Abolisher Battlerage Defense Auramancy The go-to tank class of ArcheAge. Damage mitigation from Defense and Auramancy helps tank things better while Battlerage still outputs good damage. One of the best PvE tanks in the game, but lacks Crowd Control disruption to be top-tier group PvP tank. Still a very strong pick though.
Skullknight Defense Auramancy Occultism The strength of Skullknight lies in PvP group tanking. Skullknight's ability to eat up the enemies' attacks while disrupting with CC is one of the best in the game. However, depending on gear, that is all you will mostly be doing as without a core attacking class, you typically lack damage to take anyone down solo.
Paladin Battlerage Defense Vitalism Tanks are already hard to take down, but when give that tank the ability to heal themselves, it's pretty much like having to fight the same person twice, thrice, or however many times this class ends up healing itself before and if you can take them down before they beat you.



The most important thing a healer can do is heal (obviously) and stay alive. For the first option, in order to be the most efficient healer possible, Auramancy is a must-have due to the ability to reduce your healing cooldowns and make the cast time of one of your heals instant for emergencies. To the second point, even if your healing is through the roof, you can't heal your party or raid when you're dead and the Final Complementary Skillsets take that into account.


Core Skillset
Secondary Skillset with Strong Synergy
Final Complementary Skillset
Defense, Shadowplay, Battlerage, Songcraft


Table of Recommended Healer Classes
Class Name Core Skillset Secondary Skillset Final Skillset Description
Templar Vitalism Auramancy Defense The tankiest of healers. Defense will help keep you alive from most attacks through and through as you dish out heals to other team members. It will take a lot on the enemy's behalf to take you down if you're properly geared.
Soothsayer Vitalism Auramancy Shadowplay This class takes a different approach to survive in that your mobility will have enemies chasing you. Additionally, your extra mobility will also help you get to others in your raid more quickly as well for healing. If necessary, you also have some damage output from Shadowplay.
Cleric Vitalism Auramancy Songcraft The super support class. You will be healing and buffing your party all at once. However, one downside is that Songcraft buff songs are interrupted when you do any other activity such as healing. This means you will be using an insane amount of mana going between recasting your songs and healing your party/raid which can be detrimental in fast-paced PvP. In PvE though, this class is one of the best healers in the game.
Argent Vitalism Auramancy Battlerage Although this class doesn't shine in raids as much as the other three, this class is fantastic for small groups, soloing, and levelling since this class is pretty much a healer that can fend for themselves.



Although one of the most flexible classes to build, Bards typically want to, similar to healers, stay alive in order to maximize their benefit to the party.


Core Skillset
Secondary Skillset with Strong Synergy
Final Complementary Skillset
Auramancy, Shadowplay


Table of Recommended Bard/Support Classes
Class Name Core Skillset Secondary Skillset Final Skillset Description
Tomb Warden Songcraft Defense Auramancy Similar to a Templar, your tankiness means the enemy has to give a lot of effort in order to remove you and your song buffs from the field.
Nightbearer Songcraft Defense Shadowplay Instead of Auramancy's utility, Nightbearer goes for more mobility as well as some damage output.