Dream Catcher

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  • Seer Ariad located at Seer's Cottage


  • Gained 860 XP.
  • Acquired 1 Silver 19 Copper.
  • Select Reward
    • Acquired: [Ancient Devotion Cloth Uppers Chest]
    • Acquired: [Councillor's Leather Uppers Chest]


Kill Mandragoras and collect Mandragora Stems.

  • Collect Mandragora Stem 0/5

Return to Seer Ariad.

  • Report to Seer Ariad


  • Seer Ariad : I, too, have had strange dreams of floods. But as a Seer, I am always susceptible to such things. I had no idea Dahuta's influence had spread to Gweonid Lake.
  • Seer Ariad : I can help shield the minds of Gweonid Forest from the sea goddess, but i will need Mandragora Stems to perform the ritual. Will you collect some for me while I prepare myself?

  • Seer Ariad : Thank you. I will do what I can stop the dreams, but the sea goddess's followers grow stronger every day. I fear that while the Eokad Council frets about the Field of Honor, a new evil is growing right beneath our noses...

If there are multiple quest rewards to choose from, click one to select it, then click Take Reward to complete the quest.

-The XP reward may vary depending of the character level, and also by the early-bird and overachieve systems.
-All this content originates from In-Game descriptions