Gweonid Forest

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Gweonid Forest Map.png

Gweonid Forest is the starting zone for Elven characters.

  • Level Range: 1 - 10
  • Protected Zone
  • Connects to:


Specialty Traders



Type Level Title Start
Region 01 Harpa's Return Apprentice Lessev
Race 01 The Field of Honor Drillmaster Harpa
Region 02 Branch Breaker Naion
Region 02 Beal's Feast Madriel
Region 03 Climb Time Chef Beal
Region 03 Made with Love Chef Beal
Region 03 Under Construction Memorist Sellus
Region 04 Yuri's Ambition Architect Yuri
Region 04 Stone Cold Killer Architect Yuri
Region 04 Debt Delivery Memorist Sellus
Hunt 05 Nettling Nymphs Signpost
Hidden 05 The Nymphs of Sylvan Devi Treeleaf Nymph
Race 03 Choose Your Challenger Eokad Breken
Race 03 To the Tournament Eokad Breken
Region 04 Tending the Forest Aien
Region 05 The Friendly Feline Reserve Memorist Naphi
Region 05 Wing Delivery Reserve Memorist Naphi
Region 05 The Fruit of the Spirit Tree Raio
Region 05 Studying the Earth Elementals Ios
Region 06 Missing Recruits Memorist Nuzan
Region 06 The Dead Speak Memorist Nuzan
Region 05 Dust to Dust Memorist Delia
Region 05 A Captured Curse Memorist Leotis
Region 06 A Message for Memoria Memorist Nuzan
Region 06 Powerful Soil Ios
Race 05 Choose Your Weapon Eokad Deltokin
Race 05 A Worthy Opponent Eokad Deltokin
Race 06 A Meeting in Memoria Eokad Deltokin
Region 06 A Woodland Mount Lisein
Region 06 Potent Petfood Ginemo
Region 06 Raising Your Elk Calf Ginemo
Region 06 The Feather Endeavor Ladios
Region 07 A Harsh Teacher Apprentice Enoche
Race 06 A Chance for Justice Eokad Navil
Region 07 The Flood Fanatic Eliph
Race 06 Clearing Your Name Ehnoïr
Region 07 Treacherous Waters Apothecary Nestelle
Hunt 07 The Rising Tide Signpost
Region 07 The Cursed Conch Ione's Corpse
Region 07 Conch Courier Apothecary Nestelle
Race 07 The Eye of Truth Belion
Race 07 Belion's Request Belion
Region 08 The Seers of Soulreath Memorist Malthus
Race 07 Searching for Answers Seer Garcello
Region 08 Dream Catcher Seer Ariad
Region 08 Honor the Fallen Aldirion
Region 08 Ionalyn's Keepsake Simple Silver Ring
Hidden 08 Safety in Soulreath Forest Will o' the Wisp
Region 08 Send for Help Seer Ariad
Region 08 Warning the Greenwood Scout Azria
Race 08 The Missing Messenger Seer Medel
Hidden 08 Protector of the Greenwood Dahuta Cult Acolyte
Dahuta Cult Searcher
Dahuta Cult Trainee Warrior
Region 09 The Greenmen's Plight Daltanya
Race 08 Menacing Mushrooms Eokad Feos
Race 09 Bearer of Bad News Greenman Captain
Race 09 A Nation Spurned Crescent Throne Messenger
Race 10 Far From Home Eokad Feos
Region 09 An Evil Idol Forest Watcher Josephine
Region 09 The Drowned Return Veranio
Region 09 What Lies Beneath Lydria
Hidden 09 Cleansing Chimeran Marsh Drowned Corpse
Region 09 The Children of Ipnya Veranio
Vocation 06 To the Farm Navin
Region 09 Clearing the Road Kasina
Event 01 Hallowtide Preparations Auctioneer