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In ArcheAge, players with patron status can purchase and place a variety of houses for their characters. These houses are non-instanced (meaning they appear in the same “game world” that all other characters interact in), and are an important part of many farming and crafting activities in the game.

The Benefits of Housing

Aside from being a place to decorate, gather socially, and show off various rewards and trophies, Houses in ArcheAge have a number of more practical uses. These are listed below:

  • Characters can add their house to their Teleport Book, allowing them to return at any time.
  • Special crafted goods can be placed in the house to increase the owner’s vocation points.
  • Advanced workbenches can be placed in the house, allowing for higher tiers of crafting.
  • Any property not taken up by the house itself can be used for farming.
  • Houses provide a safe location to store Trade Packs, which cannot be stolen from another player's property.
  • Special trade packs made at a Comunity Center can be created for a decent profit

Buying and Placing a House

While houses range in size, price, and difficulty to construct, the basic process of building one is as follows:

  • Purchase a housing design from the marketplace on Mirage Isle. list of houses
  • Leave Mirage Isle and find a Housing Province appropriate for the chosen house design.
  • Right-Click the house design to place the house and make a down payment of Tax Certificates.
  • Use the required Construction Trade Packs to finish constructing the house. (Note: crops, livestock, and trade packs on the property are NOT PROTECTED until construction is complete.)

Property and Taxes

Both farms and houses cost Tax Certificates to maintain, which can be made at any farm or house. Taxes are due every week, and are payable through the game’s Mail System. Taxes increase dramatically the more properties a character owns.

If taxes are not paid on a property, the property is demolished after two weeks. The design for the property is mailed back to the player, as are all housing items on the property unless the item specifically states otherwise.

Buying and Selling Property

Houses and Scarecrow Farms can be sold to other players through an in-game realtor system. To sell a property, simply do the following:

  • Ensure that the property has been built completely.
  • Purchase an Appraisal Certificate from the Marketplace.
  • Interact with the property and select the “Show information” option.
  • Press the “Sale” button to open the Sale window.
  • Specific the asking price and buyer, then press the “Register” button to put the property up for sale.
  • The property will now be surrounded by small golden key signposts indicating that it is for sale. If no buyer was specified, any character may interact with the signposts to purchase the property. If a specific buyer was listed, only that character may purchase the property.