Joining the Fight

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  • Garrison Captain Ake located at Capital Castle


  • Gained 800 XP.
  • Acquired 1 Silver 4 Copper.
  • Acquired: [Heart's Beat] x 3


Talk to Dock Supervisor Ood at the Crescent Port docks.

  • Report to Dock Supervisor Ood


  • Garrison Captain Ake : Damn those Bloodhands. They killed King Peredin, and kidnapped the young princess. And now they're waging open war with the Crescent Throne!
  • Garrison Captain Ake : You say they were looking for you, right? Why not join up with us, and take the fight to them?
  • Garrison Captain Ake : I'll admit, their leaders are clever. They partially collapsed the old Solzread Gate, cutting off our route to the mainland. But we've got more than enough boats to send our troops around the point.
  • Garrison Captain Ake : If you want to join our fight, go speak to Dock Supervisor Ood down at the Crescent Throne Port. He'll set you up with a boat. Oh, and tell him Captain Ake sent you.

  • Dock Supervisor Ood : Oh ho! Another eager recruit from Captain Ake, eh? He seems to have a knack for enlisting the unwary.
  • Dock Supervisor Ood : Have you come to pick out a boat, then?

-The XP reward may vary depending of the character level, and also by the early-bird and overachieve systems.
-All this content originates from In-Game descriptions