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News & Updates
Latest Game Update (12-10-2016)
ArcheAge 3.5: Erenor Eternal
Store and Marketplace
Fall into the Abyss: Pick up some credits for limited-time Orchidna themed bonuses!
ArcheAge: Revelation packs now available

Live Events
Double your regrade chance and buy one, get one charms
Until maintenance on May 24th, we'll be doubling your regrade success rate up to and including the Unique grade! Bonus does not apply to ship component or pet item regrades, and destruction will be temporarily removed from the Celestial grade. Red and Superior Red Regrade Charms are also available.
Event Information
Transfers between Vengeance and Reckoning are now live!
Players on Vengeance can move to Reckoning and vice-versa.
More Information
Enchant a corrupted magic lamp
Purchase a magic lamp from the Limited tab of the Marketplace for free and complete daily quests to offer tributes.
Event Information

Information for New & Returning Players
New Player Information

Returning Player Information

Game Information

Client Version:

Thunderwing Cometh

Version 3.0b April Build - (last update 04-18-2017)

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