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Occultism is symbolized by Nui, Goddess of Death and the Hereafter. Her gentle hands gather fallen heroes and bear them to eternal rest. Her followers then summon the powers of the fallen to inflict magic damage and terrify their foes.

-In-Game Description

Focused on applying a variety of status effects and debuffs from a distance, this Skillset is great for adding tools to your damage or healing setup. Its passives boost your mana regeneration and chance for magic critical hits.

-Game Guide Description

Combat Skills

Name Skill Type Cost &
Range Attack Type Description Combo Requirement
Mana Stars
Instant 24 Mana
0-20 m Magic: +52% Launches your mana as a razor-sharp crystal, dealing {X} Magic Damage and triggering Fetter. Combos increase damage +{X}%, up to a max of {Y}%.
Crippling Mire
Passive 118 Mana
18 sec
0-20 m Magic: +420% Reduces an enemy's Move Speed -{X}% and deals {Y} Magic Damage over {Z} sec. Damage increases over time. Spell ends if you move. Inflict additional +30% damage on Bleeding targets. Distressed targets are stunned.
Hell Spear
Instant 236 Mana
27 sec
6 m radius Magic: +315% Summons spears from the underworld to pierce all enemies with {X}m. Deals {Y} Magic Damage and Impales targets for {Z} secs. Inflicts additional +48% damage on Impaled targets.
Absorb Lifeforce
Passive 157 Mana
36 sec
0-20 m Magic: +367% Deals {X} Magic Damage over {Y} secs to an enemy and heals the caster for an equal amount. The spell ends with movement. Inflicts additional +46% damage on Stunned targets. Increases health conversion +50% when cast on Distressed targets.
Summon Crows
Instant 263 Mana
30 sec
5 m radius Magic: +210% Summons crows to attack all enemies within {X}m. Reduces enemies' Physical Accuracy and deals {Y} Magic Damage over {Z} secs. Inflicts Poison on Impaled targets.
Mana Force
Instant 118 Mana
1 min
0-10 m Magic: +210% Shoves and enemy away, dealing {X} Magic Damage. Restores Mana equal to half that amount. Inflicts additional +1% damage on Feared targets.
Control 138 Mana
1 min
0-20 m Cast Time: 2 sec Allows the caster to control an enemy for a maximum of {X} sec. Prevents target from doing anything but obeying its master. Controls- W: Up, S: Down, Q: Left, E: Right N/A Occultism lvl 30
Instant 118 Mana
30 sec
Caster Only Return {X}% of received Melee Damage to the enemy. Lasts {Y} sec. Doesn't trigger a global cooldown. N/A Occultism lvl 35
Instant 414 Mana
45 sec
5 m radius Interrupts all enemy casting within {X} meters and inflicts Silence for {Y} sec. Removes all Fear effects from caster N/A Occultism lvl 40
N/A 526 Mana
Caster Only N/A Reduces cooldown for Occultism skill -{X} seconds. Last {Y}m {Z}secs. N/A Occultism lvl 45
Summon Wraith
Passive 940 Mana
1 min
{X} m radius Magic: +147% Summons a Wraith that deals {Y} Magic Damage per second for a maximum of {Z} seconds to all enemies with {X} meters. Inflicts enemies with the Wraith Curse, reducing Move Speed, Attack Speed, and Cast Speed. Occultism lvl 50
Where {X}, {Y}, and {Z} are variable amounts based on skill Rank and/or Class level.

Passive Skills

Name Description Notes
Enhanced Mana Recovery
Increases Mana Regen +{X} every {X} second. Cannot be upgraded further
Increases Magic Critical Rate +{X}% for {X} seconds after receiving critical damage. Disabled for {X} seconds if triggered too often. Does not apply to healing skills. Learning Reqs: 4+ points spent in Occultism
Caster's Enrichment
Decreases health regen -{X} every {X} second while not in combat and increases mana regen +{X} every {X} second while not casting. Learning Reqs: 6+ points spent in Occultism
Macabre Reach
Increases Magic Critical Damage +{X}%. Does not apply to healing skills. Learning Reqs: 7+ points spent in Occultism
Overpowered Spell Locus
Upon receiving damage, increases your Magic Attack +{X}% for {X} seconds and stacks up to {X} times. Movement cancels the effect. Learning Reqs: 8+ points spent in Occultism
Intensified Harm
Increases Magic Critical Damage +{X}% for {X} seconds after receiving critical damage. Disabled for {X} seconds if triggered too often. Does not apply to healing skills. Learning Reqs: 9+ points spent in Occultism
Death's Beckoning
Decreases Occultism skill cooldown -{X}%. Learning Reqs: 10+ points spent in Occultism
Where {X} is a variable amount based on skill Rank