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A “patron” is any player that is currently paying a subscription fee to support Archeage. While it is possible to play Archeage without paying money (and many players do), patrons are given a number of important benefits to encourage subscription. It is highly recommended to become patron as your first goal as the increased labor pool and labor regeneration alone help immensely.

How to Become Patron

There are a few ways to obtain patron status whether it be using actual money or through in-game means.

Monthly Subscription

The current subscription prices for Patron are:

  • 1 Month Subscription - $14.99 Monthly ($14.99 Total Price)
  • 3 Month Subscription - $13.49 Monthly ($40.47 Total Price)
  • 6 Month Subscription - $11.99 Monthly ($71.94 Total Price)

Exclusive Packs

There are several packs in the store which grant Patron status as well as many other items. There are four tiers of packs:

  • Silver - $49.99
  • Gold - $99.99
  • Archeum - $149.99
  • Eternal - $249.99 (This tier was first introduced in the Awakening Packs on 09/16/2015)

To view the contents of the current and previous packs, go to the Exclusive Packs page.

Using Credits

Patron (30 Days) can be obtained using 2,400 Credits. It is worth noting that this is more expensive than outright buying a subscription; however, the main purpose of being allowed to obtain Patron through credits is to obtain Patron through in-game means.

This method of obtaining Patron in-game is possible with APEX, an item that can be purchased from the ArcheAge Store for $9.99 or purchased in-game from other players. When an APEX is used, 1,250 Credits will be granted to the player's account. By using two APEX in-game (2,500 Total Credits), this allows a player to become Patron.


Patron Benefits

Work Ethic Bonus

Patron's have 2x the labor regeneration rate as free players, regnerating 10 labor every 5 minutes compared to 5 labor every 5 minutes.

Bonus Experience

Patrons gain 20% bonus experience from questing, combat, and labor usage.

Land Ownership

Only patrons can own land in the world of Erenor. Free players may still earn or buy the in-game designs for Farms and Housing, but they will be unable to place their property unless they purchase patron status. A patron may set their property to be used by family, friends, guild members, or the general public, regardless of whether or not the designated users have patron status.

Deep Sleeper Bonus

Even while offline, Patrons will still regenerate 10 labor every 5 minutes while free players regenerate 0 labor when offline.

Loyalty Tokens

Patrons receive 5 Loyalty Tokens each day they log into the game. These tokens can be redeemed at the Loyalty Store for a variety of useful items.

Auction House Listing

Patrons are able to place items on the auction house for sale. (Free players may bid on items on the auction house, but cannot sell items in this way unless they were previously Patron or purchased an Auction House License from the Cash Shop.)

Increased Labor Pool

As they use their labor, a patron’s maximum labor pool will increase until it reaches 5,000 labor. (Free players have a maximum of 2,000 labor, which does not increase.)

Bonus Credits

Patrons receive 10% bonus credits with the purchase of any Credit Pack.

Patron Queue

In the event of a queue to enter the game, patrons receive priority over free players.

Auction House Anywhere

Patrons have the ability to access the Auction House from anywhere in the world through the UI without having to visit an Auctioneer.

Repair Anywhere

Patrons have the ability to repair equipment directly from the inventory without having to visit a Blacksmith.

Auction House: Sell and Save

Auction House commission fees (The payment you give to list your item) is reduced from 10% to 5% as Patron.

Work Faster

Patrons perform farming and crafting activities 20% faster.

Arena Anywhere

Patrons can queue for the Arena from anywhere through a UI button without needing to talk to an Arena NPC.  

Tips: Maintaining Patron

There are several ways to maintain Patron status without the need to spend real money. The main goal is to earn enough gold in order to purchase two APEX before your Patron status expires for that month, and all the following methods will address that. Keep in mind that all of these methods can be combined as well.

Labor to Gold

The most straightforward way is to use your labor to make gold. This can be through Trade Packs, Coinpurse Farming, or any other profitable Vocation. Calculate your labor to gold ratio to make sure you're maximizing profits. For example, if one profession is giving you 1 silver per 1 Labor and another profession is giving 5 silver per 1 Labor, make sure you're focusing on the latter profession.

Loyalty Tokens

A Patron gains 5 Loyalty Tokens every day which can be used to buy items in the Loyalty Token shop. Some of these items can fetch a high price such as Lucky Sunpoints. If you log in everyday, you should have enough Loyalty Tokens to buy one of these high-priced items and sell it for gold, which can then be put towards your funds for APEX.

Create a Different Region (NA/EU) Alt

Labor pools and Loyalty Tokens are not shared between characters in different regions. This means characters on the EU server will have a separate labor pool and amount of Loyalty Tokens than characters on an NA server. However, credits are shared. This means if you use an APEX on an EU character and an APEX on an NA character, you will still have the 2,500 Credits required to obtain Patron.

This is important because then you can create an alt character in another region (NA for EU Players, EU for NA Players) to do the above two methods (Labor to Gold, Loyalty Tokens) without wasting the labor and Loyalty Tokens on your main character. You can essentially double the amount you're making a day towards your APEX funds by using an alt in a different region.