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Characters that earn 3,000 Infamy Points are automatically removed from their current faction and added to the Pirate Faction. The Pirate Faction is based on Growlgate Isle, in the Arcadian Sea. It has its own set of side quests, and is hostile to every other faction and all non-pirate NPCs, including Neutral Guards. Players who enjoy the outlaw life of thievery, murder, and ocean combat may wish to play as a pirate once they reach an appropriate level.

Pirates and Crime

Members of the Pirate Faction are infamous criminals, shunning polite society. The normal rules of Crime and Infamy work differently for them, as described below:

  • Pirates leave no evidence of any kind for their crimes. This includes theft, assault, and murder.
  • Pirates are always affected by the “Wanted” debuff, which will send them to jail when killed.
  • Pirates gain the “Contemptuous” buff, which protects them from going to jail while at sea or in Auroria.
  • If killed by a hostile player while not under the "Contempuous" buff, pirates are immediately sent to jail upon ressurection. Pirates then receieve the option to request a trial or to accept a 40-minute sentence. Pirates who go to trial and are found guilty may only receive a maximum of 48-minutes of jail time.

The Risks of Piracy

Playing as a pirate can be rewarding, and some players even intentionally seek out Infamy Points to join the Pirate Faction more quickly. But being a pirate is not easy. Because all non-pirate NPCs are hostile to pirates, and members of the Pirate Faction are prevented from participating in most quests on the main continents. This can make gaining experience difficult. Additionally, all non-pirate player characters are also hostile to pirates. Because of these added obstacles, it is dangerous for characters to become pirates before they are high enough level to defend themselves.

Leaving the Pirate Faction

The only way for a character to leave the Pirate Faction is by reducing their Infamy Points back down to zero. This can be accomplished by purchasing Draughts of Forgiveness, or by performing quests for the “Absolving Confessor” in Sanddeep or the “Wandering Confessor” in Rookborne Basin.