Solzreed Peninsula

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Solzreed Peninsula.png

Solzreed Peninsula is the starting zone for Nuian characters.

  • Level Range: 1 - 10
  • Nuia Alliance Controlled Zone
  • Connects to:



Type Level Title Start Location
Region 01 A Friendly Reminder Maude Desiree Peak
Hunt 01 Fox Infestation Signpost
Region 01 The Mayor's Advice Woodcutter Gallagher
Race 02 The Prophet Terrien Gossiper Parish
Region 02 Boars in the Canyon Mayor Gott
Race 04 A Mysterious Visitor Pan
Region 03 Allen's Errand Allen
Region 03 A Traditional Token Amy
Region 03 Climb the Coop Amy
Region 04 Rohna's Medicine Serin
Region 04 A Missing Girl Rohna
Hunt 04 Brown Bears in Bluemist Signpost
Region 05 A Precious Gift Jenny
Region 04 Jenny's Father Jenny
Region 05 The Haunted Monolith Recon Scout Philip
Region 05 Monolith Researcher Miles Recon Captain Kliik
Region 05 Velpo's Victims Monolith Ghost
Hidden 05 Guerilla in the Mist Velpo's Lackey
Velpo's Henchman
Hooligan Velpo
Region 05 A Guiding Light Monolith Ghost
Hunt 05 Beware the Guardians Signpost
Region 05 Echoes from the Past Monolith Researcher Miles
Race 04 Golden Mark Marian
Race 04 Divine Intervention Marian
Race 04 Warning the Villagers Bloodhand Corpse
Region 06 Liam's Fields Shepherd Liam
Region 06 Hard Times Annette
Region 06 Home and Hearth Meyer
Race 05 An Urgent Message Malphus
Region 06 The Gate of King Solzrean Supervisor Paul
Region 06 Animal Care Rinji
Region 06 Feeding Your Foal Wyatt
Region 06 Fleet-Footed Companion Wyatt
Region 06 Repeat Offender Supervisor Paul
Region 06 Lord Ronbann's Secret Gilbert
Region 06 The Kindness of Strangers Rokland
Region 06 The Harpy Couple Kathrin
Region 08 The Forgotten Letter Discarded Box
Race 05 The General's Orders General Govannon
Region 07 Joining the Fight Garrison Captain Ake
Race 05 Battle by the Bay Coast Guard Captain Baker
Region 06 A Seaworthy Vessel Dock Supervisor Ood
Region 07 The Stranded Sailor Ral
Race 06 The Bloodhands' Agenda Coast Guard Officer Chloe
Region 07 Carl's Cousin Carl
Race 07 A Deadly Plot Golden-tinged Corpse
Region 07 Defeat the Bloodhand Captain Bloodhands
Race 07 Truth Extraction Coast Guard Officer Chloe
Hidden 07 Red Tide Bloodhand Charger
Bloodhand Crewman
Bloodhand Duelist
Bloodhand Lookout
Bloodhand Medic
Race 07 Ahead of the Hunters Coast Guard Officer Chloe
Hunt 08 Beachfront Beasts Signpost
Region 07 Turtle Liver Charlie
Region 07 A Cure for Ellie Charlie
Region 08 Groundlings in Solzreed Farmer Clark
Region 08 He Who Would Be King Farmer Fomer
Hidden 08 Dirt Nap Groundling
Groundling Laborer
Groundling Shaman
Groundling Spy
Groundling Warrior
Region 08 Bunny Behemoths Farmer Gary
Region 08 Infected Warrens Farmer Ralph
Hidden 07 Tell Me About the Rabbits, George Rabbit
Region 08 A Simple Ring Rene
Region 09 A Changed Man Trent the Braggart
Daily 10 The Goddess Nui Temple Priestess
Region 09 Petty Theft Olle's Treasure Chest
Region 09 The Four Fingers Thieves Mayor Fergus
Race 08 The Search for Sloane Fisherman Tugger
Hidden 08 Smooth as Silk Plains Spider
Plains Spider Hatchling
Hidden 09 Four Finger Discount Four Fingers Bladeslinger
Four Fingers Robber
Four Fingers Wizard
Four Fingers Thieves Guild
Region 09 King of Blackreath Keep Mayor Fergus
Region 09 Maiden in Distress Healer Ballen
Race 08 Sloane's Secret Sloane
Region 09 Rescue Bridget Vorden
Region 08 Borrowed Bravery Lost Swimwear
Region 09 Tea For Tibbec's Mill Mayor Fergus
Vocation 06 The Blue Salt Brotherhood Elder Trev
Region 09 The Castigant Ruins Eric
Race 09 A Dead Man's Wish Fisherman Tugger
Hidden 09 Swiss Guard Corpse Rat
Hidden 09 Who Ya Gonna Call? Archer Wraith
Broken Corpse
Broken Corpse Fighter
Broken Corpse Warrior
Castle Guard Wraith
Commander Wraith
Soldier Wraith
Region 09 The Sword of Souls Exorcist Kyle
Race 10 Flora's Lament Flora