Tending the Forest

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  • Aien located at Sylvan Devi


  • Gained 620 XP.
  • Acquired 65 Copper.
  • Acquired: [Heart's Beat] x 2


Restore the Withered Lavender around Sylvan Devi.

  • Restore the Withered Lavender around Sylvan Devi 0/3

Return to Aien when finished.

  • Report to Aien


  • Aien : The angry Treeleaf Nymphs have been draining the local flora of nutrients to survive. Until the Nymph problem is resolved, I need help caring for the delicate flowers in the area.
  • Aien : Woudl you help me tend to the Withered Lavender around town? Gweonid Forest may not be our home, but the plant life here still reacts to the touch of an Elf.

  • Aien : Thank you.

-The XP reward may vary depending of the character level, and also by the early-bird and overachieve systems.
-All this content originates from In-Game descriptions