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UI Tricks

PROTIP: create a new inventory tab, turn on every type of item. Presto, a tab with always-sorted inventory, no need to click sort every time you get more crap

PROTIP #2: Want to keep track of how many of an item you have (without having to count stacks?) simply drag the item to a spot on your bars and the number will show the total count

Great for mining/logging runs where you want to know when you reach your goal

Mirage Isle

Q: So I went through this fancy moongate into a room with a bunch of NPCs selling stuff for star cakes

Is there a way out of here and back to where I was without recalling?

A: Walk around the room until you find a red, furry dragon-dog-type mount. Press G. The mount goes into your inventory. Summon it from your inventory and ride it around the edges of the room until you find a door to the outside. Get right up against the door until the door becomes transparent. Use the mount's 4th skill, Owner Escape. Outside, there is another moon gate and it will take you back to where you belong.

Double Jump to Glide

For quick Glider access:

  1. Hit Esc key
  2. Select Options
  3. Under Game Settings, Select Functionality
  4. The 5th option reads, "Double-Tap Jump to Deploy Glider" - Make sure this is checked.
  5. Click Apply in the bottom right of the menu

Helmet Display On/Off

A setting is available to allow you to show or hide your helmet gear:

  1. Hit Esc key
  2. Select Options
  3. Under Game Settings, Select Game Info
  4. Scroll down to the 4th section
  5. Observe a checkbox for Display Helmet
  6. Uncheck this box if you would like your helmet NOT to display

Ability Bar Keybinding

To adjust your Ability Bar Keybindings, do the following:

  1. Hit Esc key
  2. Select Options
  3. Under Key Settings, Select Shortcut Bar
  4. Here is where you can change the keybindings for all Ability Bars by clicking the associated box and then pressing a new key to bind.