Trials and Juries

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When a character earns enough Crime Points, they become wanted criminals and are sent to jail the next time they are killed. At that point, they are given the choice to either accept their default sentence, or to stand trial and appeal to a jury of their peers. The jury is made up of other player characters, and is able to find the defendant innocent, reduce their sentence, or extend it.

Standing Trial as a Defendant

When a character is sent to jail, they are given the choice of either accepting the default amount of jail time or standing trial. The default jail time is equal to 1 minute for every 5 Crime Points, with an additional 100% of the sentence added for each 1,000 points of Infamy the character has accrued. If a player believes they are innocent of the charges or deserve a different jail time, they may choose to stand trial before a jury of their peers.

If a player chooses to stand trial, their character will be teleported to the appropriate courthouse for their faction (In Marianople for Nuia, in Austera for Haranya) and become a defendant. The trial process is as follows:

  • Open Court: Lasts 2 minutes. Defendant waits at the podium while the Jury is summoned.
  • Charges: Lasts 5 minutes. Jury and Defendant can review a list of defendant’s reported crimes and discuss them.
  • Plea: Lasts 1 minute. Defendant is given the option to make a final plea or explanation of their crimes.
  • Judgment: Lasts three minutes. Jurors vote on a jail sentence. Defendant can be found innocent, or sentenced to anywhere from 1/3rd to three times the default jail time.
  • Sentencing: The jury’s decisions are calculated together, and the final sentence is given. If the defendant is found innocent, all current crime points (and an equal amount of infamy) will be erased, and the character will be free to leave the courthouse. If they are found guilty, they will be teleported to the nearest jail to serve out their sentence.

Becoming a Juror

To become a potential juror, a character must be at least level 30 and have less than 10 Infamy. They must also complete a short series of quests on their starting continent. These quests can be accepted by speaking to any Honor Point Collector, and are listed below:

  • Nuia Jury Quests:
    • Innocent When Proven Guilty 1
    • Innocent When Proven Guilty 2
    • Innocent When Proven Guilty 3
    • Innocent When Proven Guilty 4
  • Haranya Jury Quests:
    • Witness Protection 1
    • Witness Protection 2
    • Witness Protection 3
    • Witness Protection 4

Serving as a Juror

When a character has completed the Jury Quests for their starting continent, they will be entered into the jury pool. They now have a chance to be asked to participate in trials when they occur. Characters who choose to participate will be teleported to the appropriate courthouse, render their verdict, and be teleported back to their original location. Serving as a juror rewards players with Honor, as well as Judge equipment for repeated service.

After serving on 100 trials you will be rewarded with the Judge's Outfit. Judge outfit.png

Regaining Juror Status

Characters who are sent to jail or join the Pirate Faction lose the right to sit as Jurors. They can regain their Juror status by reducing their infamy below 10, and by completing the “A Juror’s Rights” quest on their starting continent. The quest will be available from any Honor Point Collector.