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Crafting - Weaponry

Weaponry is the main profession for crafting all metal based weapons as well as shields. As a weapon crafting profession, the main Archeum ingredient is Sunlight Archeum.

Companion Skills
  • Mining - Most weapons require metal ingots for crafting, which are gained by mining.
  • Logging - Recipes like shields require lumber, which is gathered via the logging vocation.
Tips for Leveling Weaponry
  • Quantity over quality - Low level crafting has a very low chance of generating higher tier quality items. Crafting more low level recipes is a better return on your material investment for leveling.
  • Start upgrading on a rarity proc - Don't try crafting higher rarities of an item unless the very first craft attempt procs an advanced item.
  • Break Archeum down and avoid combining - Using lower level Archeum rather than saving it to combine into higher tiers provides a better return early on.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I get more recipes?
    • Higher level recipes can be crafted after you craft or obtain the Regal Anvil. You can either obtain this from Mirage Isle or Craft it.

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