Wing Delivery

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  • Reserve Memorist Naphi located at Sylvan Devi


  • Gained 680 XP.
  • Acquired 77 Copper.
  • Acquired: [Unidentified Elven Bow]
  • Acquired: [Unidentified Elven Shield]
  • Acquired: [Unidentified Elven Lute]
  • Acquired: [Unidentified Elven Greatclub]


Deliver Treeleaf Nymph Wing to Ios on the eastern road of Sylvan Devi.

  • Report to Ios


  • Reserve Memorist Naphi : Say, do you have a moment?
  • Reserve Memorist Naphi : If you're passing through, could you take this Nymph Wing to Ios? You'll find him just outside town, studying the elementals to the southeast.

  • Ios : Is this the Nymph Wing Naphi sent? Thank you. With any luck, we can get to the bottom of their aggressive behavior.

-The XP reward may vary depending of the character level, and also by the early-bird and overachieve systems.
-All this content originates from In-Game descriptions