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What is the Achievement System?

The achievement system in ArcheAge functions similar to what you would expect from similar systems in other MMOs and games. By completing specific tasks, reaching certain millestones, or finding specific areas in the world players will be awarded an achievement. Some achievements will reward Merit Badges which can be used to obtain specific items, while others will award items such as Worker's Compensation potions. Players can track up to six achievements at one time, and are known as "Ambitions". The achievement window can be opened by the menu or by pressing SHIFT+Y on the keyboard.

Types of Achievements

Achievements can be broken down into Level-Based achievements and General achievements. An example of a Level-Based achievement can be "Achieve Lv5", while General are broken down and sorted by Combat, Vocation, Adventure, Social, and so on.

There are currently 202 Level-Based achievements and 812 General achievements.

Merit Quests

In addition to Level-Based and General achievements, players will have access to Merit Quests from the Achievement window. Merit Quests are quests that refresh every day and consist of Combat Challenge quests, Crafting Challenge quests, and Party Challenge quests. These quests can be done by players once reaching levels 5, 10, and 20, respectively.

Merit Badges

In-game description: Binds on Pickup. A bright star awarded to those who complete an achievement. Can be used to purchase certain items under the Award category in the Marketplace. Cannot sell.

Merit Badges are obtained by completing Merit Quests and Achievements, however not all achievements give Merit Badges. A player can earn three Merit Badges per day per character through Merit Quests. Players can earn a total of 164 Merit Badges from Level-Based Achievements.