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Crafting - Commerce

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Commerce is the currency vocation skill that is leveled by creating trade packs, and by turning in trade packs.

+ Commerce - Haranyan Specialties

Commerce - Nuian Specialties

Commerce - Arcadian Sea Specialties

Commerce - Auroria Specialty

Plaza Specialty's require you to have a qualifying house in the area as well as it can only be crafted at the community center of the area or at a Fellowship Plaza if present in the area.

Commerce - Haranyan Plaza/Community Center Specialty

Commerce - Nuian Plaza/Community Center Specialty

Merchant Specialty (Fertilizer)

constructed at a Clan's Specialty Workbench (obtained from upgrading a medium or large house), the materials are all the same for every location. mainly consisting of 25 Chopped Produce 25 Ground Grain 20 Trimmed Meat and 50 Dried Flowers

Commerce - Commerce