Crime Points and Infamy Points

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Crime Points and Infamy Points are a set of attributes that appear on a player’s character screen, indicating their criminal activity. Committing crimes against friendly faction members leaves evidence on the ground in the form of bloodstains or footprints, both of which can be reported by other players to give the perpetrator Crime Points. If enough points are accrued, the criminal earns a “Wanted” debuff, which causes them to go to jail the next time they are killed by another player.

The Difference Between Crime Points and Infamy Points

Whenever evidence is reported, the perpetrator receives an equal amount of both Crime Points and Infamy Points. But while Crime Points are erased as soon as the criminal has finished their time in jail, Infamy Points stay on their character sheet as a cumulative record of their criminal activity. Unless their Infamy Points are reduced, a repeat offender will eventually earn 3,000 Infamy Points and become a pirate.

Earning Crime Points

Only three activates are considered crimes within ArcheAge, and they each award a different amount of Crime Points. They are listed below:

  • Theft occurs during the uprooting, chopping down, butchering, or gathering of crops and/or animals that belong to another player. This is most commonly accomplished by stealing from another player’s secret farm. Theft has a chance to leave evidence in the form of Footprints, which can be reported by other players for 3 Crime Points each. Note: Theft only leaves evidence when committed on a player’s home continent. It is not considered a crime to steal from secret farms on other continents, as they presumably belong to the enemy.
  • Assault occurs whenever someone assaults a player who belongs to his or her friendly faction. Assault always leaves evidence in the form of a Small Bloodstain, which can be reported for 1 Crime Point. It should be noted that attacking a friendly player inflicts the perpetrator with the “Retribution” debuff for 30 seconds, which allows other players to safely defend themselves without earning Crime Points.
  • Murder occurs whenever someone kills a player who belongs to his or her friendly faction. Murder always leaves evidence in the form of a Large Bloodstain, which can be reported for 10 Crime Points.

Erasing Crime Points

When a player is sent to jail, all current Crime Points are erased, but their Infamy Points remain. If a player chooses to stand trail for their crimes and is found innocent, their Crime Points and Infamy Points are both reduced by an amount equal to their current Crime Points. Additionally, a number of daily quests exist on Nuia and Haranya that can reduce a character’s Crime Points and Infamy Points if completed.

Note: If a character has surpassed 50 Crime Points and received the "Wanted" debuff, it will remain until that character is killed and either stands trial or goes to jail, even if their Crime Points have since been reduced below 50.

Erasing Infamy Points

Either faction can complete quests from either continent after first meeting the jailer to unlock the daily quests.

Haranya (East) Quests

  • Jailer Visha: (Memoria Lake) Public Service: Isle of Penance / Solis Headlands -- Report to Foreman Canzel,
    • Foreman Canzel: (Memoria Lake) Construction Clean-Up: Austera / Solis Headlands -- Clear Construction Debris [15] (-20 Crime Points + 10 copper)
    • Wharf Overseer Inzagi: (Memoria Lake) Unloading the Burden: Austera / Solis Headlands -- Use Kalia Family Cargo [3] (-20 Crime Points + 10 copper)
    • Wandering Confessor: (Memoria Lake) Redeemed Sinners: Darkgleem / Rookborn Basin -- User tokens on three NPCs from around the zone (-30 Crime Points + 10 copper)

Nuia (West) Quests

  • Absolving Confessor: (??) Taking Out the Trash: Mermaid's Tears / Sanddeep -- ?? (30 Crime Points + 10 copper)