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Gold, Silver and Copper

Gold, Silver and Copper are the most common forms of currency in ArcheAge, and are accepted by almost every merchant in the world of Erenor. Monsters will often drop coinpurses when killed, which contain a small amount of these coins. They can also be earned by completing quests, selling items to NPC merchants, and trading with other players either in person or through the auction house.

Gilda Stars

Gilda Stars are used on Mirage Isle to purchase Ship, Vehicle, and House designs, as well as a variety of other items which are only available on the island. Gilda Stars can be earned by completing story quests, doing certain daily quests, and selling trade packs.

Honor Points

Honor Points are used to purchase items from Honor Point Collectors. Players gain Honor Points by completing Honor Quests, participating in Arena, hunting Elite monsters, and by defeating hostile faction members in an area that is at war.

Vocation Badges

Vocation Badges are gained by performing vocation activities such as gathering, farming, and crafting. They are used to purchase rewards from Blue Salt Brotherhood Representatives, and to buy bait and lures from fishing boats.

Bugira’s Coins

Bugira Coins can be found by killing Treasure Mimics on Auroria. These coins can be sold for one gold each to any NPC merchant.

Merit Badges

Merit Badges were introduced in Patch 1.7A as the reward for completing Achievements in-game, which the user can then use to purchase merit badge-exclusive items from the Marketplace.


This is the currency used to purchase items from the Marketplace (Cash Shop). Credits can be obtained either by spending real money or purchasing and using APEX in-game for 1,250 Credits each APEX used.

Loyalty Tokens

These tokens are granted to Patrons daily (5 per day) and are also occasionally the reward of events such as the Loyalty to the Land Event. These tokens can be spent in the Marketplace for previous limited-time Credit Items and Loyalty Token-exclusive Items.