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Honor is a type of currency that is earned by defeating dangerous foes. It can be earned by participating in wars, doing battle in the Arena, completing dangerous quests, or slaying particularly dangerous monsters. Once earned, Honor Points can be spent at an Honor Point Collector in exchange for a variety of powerful items.

Honor Points from Conflict and War

Characters can gain and lose Honor by fighting in any region that is in a state of Conflict or War. The amount of Honor varies depending on the Honor of the combatants, the number of characters in the fight, and what level of Conflict the region is experiencing. The basic rules are listed below:

  • Characters can only earn Honor by killing members of an opposing faction.
  • Regions in a state of War provide twice as much Honor per kill as regions in a state of Conflict.
  • Being killed by an enemy faction inside a Conflict or a War causes the dead character to lose 5 Honor.
  • Dying in this way cannot reduce a character below zero Honor.
  • Killing a character who has less than 5 Honor rewards limited Honor to the attackers. Killing a character with zero Honor rewards no Honor to the attackers.
  • A character who is killed in a Conflict or War gains a “Leech” debuff for a short time, reducing the Honor they gain from kills and the Honor gained by killing them.

Honor Points from Quests

Some quests reward Honor upon completion. Two examples of this are the arena quests (obtained from an Arena Manager) and the Crimson Rift quests (in Ynystere and Cinderstone Moor). Some of these quests are dailies, which can be repeated indefinitely, while others are one-time quests scale up in both difficulty and reward.

Honor Points from Slaying Monsters

Certain creatures throughout Erenor are so dangerous that it is considered a great achievement to defeat them. Slaying Legendary and Mythic creatures rewards different amounts of Honor, depending on the creature’s difficulty and the level difference between the creature and its killers.