Leather Armor

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Leather armor tends to be the favorite of warriors who rely on speed, flexibility, and keeping their distance from a more heavily armored foe.

Leather Set Buffs

Apart from any set bonuses conferred by a specific set of armor, there are armor type buffs granted to individuals who wear many pieces of the same category of armor. These are separated into type buffs, and sub-type buffs.

Type Buff

Each type of armor grants an increasing bonus when more pieces of its type are worn.

  • 4 Pieces - Increases Attack Speed and Evasion +3%. Increases the range of all bow skills +2m.
  • 7 Pieces - Increases Evasion +3%, bowskill range +3m, and Melee/Ranged Critical Rates +5%, also decreases duration of Trip -20%.

Sub-type Buff

Additionally, there are leather types, which grant the following bonuses:

Arcane Leather Armor

  • 4 Pieces - Equipping 4+ pieces of an Arcane Leather set increases max HP +XX (variable based on level?) and max MP +86 (variable based on level?)
  • 6 Pieces
  • 7 Pieces