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[[Image:Outove_serv.png|center|1000px|frame|border|link=Main Page |alt=This is a test text |Dont let your memes be dreams.]]
[[Image:Outove_serv.png|center|1000px|frame|border|link=Main Page |alt=This is a test text |Dont let your memes be dreams.]]
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  • Trouble alt+tabbing? Only have one monitor? Click here for - Google.com
  • For the long journeys or the never ending pack runs - Youtube.com - (When given the prompt 'Oops, your web browser is no longer supported.' Select 'No, thanks' to continue onto the YouTube home page).
  • Tune in every Friday at 1:30pm PST / 8:30pm GMT to the Trion World live streams for Q&A and information on up and comming updates! - Twitch.tv/TrionWorlds
  • Interact with the community and feel free to ask any and all questions via the official NA/EU - Archeage Forums
News & Updates
Latest Game Update (06-07-2017)
Erenor 3.5 patch:

For all the need to know information with the 3.5 patch. - ArcheAge 3.5: Erenor Eternal

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Erenor 3.5 Patch Notes

True Colors Crates:

Colorful and Courageous Costumes chosen by Nui: New True Colors Crate!

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Lets see your true colors shining through!

Useful Information and Tips


Refresh AA wiki - AAWiki Main Page

-Unofficial Mods-
    1. Updated FOV mod - Increases Field of View with an in-game slider. Creator Keretus.
    2. Korean Font Mod - Stylises the in-game font to the original font used in Korea.
Installation instructions

Extract the .zip and put the "_____Mod" folder next to the "game_pak" file in the game folder. Close the game and/or Glyph if they're running. Double-click the "patch.bat" file to change install the unofficial mod. A command window should open and soon close by itself unless prompted by 'Any key to continue...'. Done. If you ever want to change it back, follow these instructions but double-click the "default.bat" file instead of the "patch.bat" file.

Glyph install location
'(C:) > Archeage > Working'
Steam install location
'(C:) > Program Files (86x) > Steam > steamapps > common > ArcheAge > Games > Archeage > Live'.
Video demonstration
Created by Aired, both mods will need to be placed in the same folder Aired Youtube Both mods have been approved for use within NA and EU archeage hoasted by 'Trion Worlds Inc'. Subject to change.
-Welcome to the Meme Zone-
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Dont let your memes be dreams.
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Information for New & Returning Players
New Player Information

Returning Player Information

Game Information

Client Version:

Thunderwing Cometh

Version 3.0b April Build - (last update 04-18-2017)

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Player vs. Environment
Player vs. Player

Equipment and Gear
Cloth ArmorLeather Armor
Plate ArmorShield
Weapons (Melee and Ranged)