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News & Updates
Latest Game Update (06-07-2017)
Erenor 3.5 patch:

For all the need to know information with the 3.5 patch. - ArcheAge 3.5: Erenor Eternal

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Erenor 3.5 Patch Notes

True Colors Crates:

Colorful and Courageous Costumes chosen by Nui: New True Colors Crate!

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Lets see your true colors shining through!

Useful Information and Tips


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-Unofficial Mods-
    1. Updated FOV mod - Increases Field of View with an in-game slider. Creator Keretus.
    2. Korean Font Mod - Stylises the in-game font to the original font used in Korea.
Installation instructions

Extract the .zip and put the "_____Mod" folder next to the "game_pak" file in the game folder. Close the game and/or Glyph if they're running. Double-click the "patch.bat" file to change install the unofficial mod. A command window should open and soon close by itself unless prompted by 'Any key to continue...'. Done. If you ever want to change it back, follow these instructions but double-click the "default.bat" file instead of the "patch.bat" file.

Glyph install location
'(C:) > Archeage > Working'
Steam install location
'(C:) > Program Files (86x) > Steam > steamapps > common > ArcheAge > Games > Archeage > Live'.
Video demonstration
Created by Aired, both mods will need to be placed in the same folder - Aired Youtube
Both mods have been approved for use within NA and EU archeage hoasted by 'Trion Worlds Inc'. Subject to change.
-Welcome to the Meme Zone-
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Dont let your memes be dreams.
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Information for New & Returning Players
New Player Information

Returning Player Information

Game Information

Client Version:

Thunderwing Cometh

Version 3.0b April Build - (last update 04-18-2017)

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Player vs. Environment
Player vs. Player

Equipment and Gear
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Weapons (Melee and Ranged)