The westernmost continent in ArcheAge. Home to the Elves and Nuians.

Nuian Zones

Cinderstone Moor

Dewstone Plains

Fertile Sound

Gweonid Forest



Karkasse Ridgelands

Lilyut Hills


Miroir Tundra


Shattered Sea

Solzreed Peninsula

Two Crowns

White Arden


To the south, the continent of Nuia is bordered by unopened lands where players can not currently adventure. This is true of the west for Hellswamp, Halcyona, Marianople, White Arden, and Gweonid Forest. Karkasse Ridgelands is bordered on the west by the Miroir Tundra in the Shattered Sea.

To the east lies the Halcyona Gulf and the Castaway Strait. To the northeast, the Arcadian Sea.

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