Plate Armor

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Plate armor tends to be the choice of mighty, tireless warriors, who intend to stand their ground and fight to the end. The thick chain and plating which make up this type of armor allow them to absorb many blows.

Plate Set Buffs

Apart from any set bonuses conferred by a specific set of armor, there are armor type buffs granted to individuals who wear many pieces of the same category of armor. These are separated into type buffs, and sub-type buffs.

Type Buff

Each type of armor grants an increasing bonus when more pieces of its type are worn.

  • 4 Pieces
  • 6 Pieces
  • 7 Pieces -

Sub-type Buff

Additionally, there are plate types, which grant the following bonuses:

Arcane Plate Armor

  • 4 Pieces - Equipping 4+ pieces of an Arcane Plate Amor grants a buff that improves with each additional piece. Max HP(variable based on level?) and max MP(variable based on level?)
  • 6 Pieces
  • 7 Pieces
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