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Receiving Quests

To receive quests, visit NPCs with exclamation marks (!) above their heads, then right-click or press F.
An exclamation mark (!) means an NPC has a new quest, while a question mark (?) means you can turn in a completed quest.
-In-Game Description

Receiving Quest Items

Special items can actually grant new quests; simply right-click the item in your Bag.
-In-Game Description


When you accept a quest, it's automatically added to the Quest Tracker on the right side of your screen. The location of its objectives will be shown by a number on the minimap and a arrow beneath your feet.
This indicates your current position and the direction your character is facing.
-In-Game Description

Quest Types

Green exclamation marks denote a race quest. Join the story of your race and get a taste of real adventure!
Yellow exclamation marks denote a region quest. Join the story of the region and uncover its secrets!
-In-Game Description

Vocation Quests

This is a Vocation quest. Crafting and other Vocation skills can give you experience toward leveling, just like combat. Start off by working for the Blue Salt Brotherhood.
-In-Game Description

Displaying Quest Details

Click the Quest Log icon on the menu bar or press L to view quest details.
-In-Game Description

Quest Items

Activate quest items by right-clicking their icons in the Quest Tracker or your Bag.
-In-Game Description

Early-Bird System

You can turn in a quest even if you haven't finished all of this objectives. You'll receive full payment, but reduced XP.
-In-Game Description


You can earn bonus XP by exceeding a quest's objectives.
-In-Game Description

Mount Quests

Around Lv 10, you will receive a quest to raise a mount. Once it matures, you'll be able to travel much faster.
-In-Game Description

Quest List

Daily Quest

Level Title Start Location
10 The Goddess Nui Temple Priestess -

Event Quest

Level Title Start Location
01 Hallowtide Preparations Auctioneer -

Hidden Quest

Level Title Start Location
05 Guerilla in the Mist Hooligan Velpo
Velpo's Henchman
Velpo's Lackey
Solzreed Peninsula
07 Red Tide Bloodhand Charger
Bloodhand Crewman
Bloodhand Duelist
Bloodhand Lookout
Bloodhand Medic
Solzreed Peninsula
08 Dirt Nap Groundling
Groundling Laborer
Groundling Shaman
Groundling Spy
Groundling Warrior
Solzreed Peninsula
07 Tell Me About the Rabbits, George Rabbit Solzreed Peninsula
08 Smooth as Silk Plains Spider
Plains Spider Hatchling
Solzreed Peninsula
09 Four Finger Discount Four Fingers Bladeslinger
Four Fingers Robber
Four Fingers Wizard
Four Fingers Thieves Guild
Solzreed Peninsula
09 Swiss Guard Corpse Rat Solzreed Peninsula
09 Who Ya Gonna Call? Archer Wraith
Broken Corpse
Broken Corpse Fighter
Broken Corpse Warrior
Castle Guard Wraith
Commander Wraith
Soldier Wraith
Solzreed Peninsula
05 The Nymphs of Sylvan Devi Treeleaf Nymph Gweonid Forest
08 Safety in Soulreath Forest Will o' the Wisp
Gweonid Forest
08 Protector of the Greenwood Dahuta Cult Acolyte
Dahuta Cult Searcher
Dahuta Cult Trainee Warrior
Gweonid Forest
09 Cleansing Chimeran Marsh Drowned Corpse Gweonid Forest

Hunt Quest

Level Title Start Location
01 Fox Infestation Signpost Solzreed Peninsula
04 Brown Bears in Bluemist Signpost Solzreed Peninsula
05 Beware the Guardians Signpost Solzreed Peninsula
08 Beachfront Beasts Signpost Solzreed Peninsula
05 Nettling Nymphs Signpost Gweonid Forest
07 The Rising Tide Signpost Gweonid Forest

Race Quest

Region Quest

Level Title Start Region Location
01 A Friendly Reminder Maude Solzreed Peninsula Desiree Peak
01 The Mayor's Advice Woodcutter Gallagher Solzreed Peninsula
02 Boars in the Canyon Mayor Gott Solzreed Peninsula
03 Allen's Errand Allen Solzreed Peninsula
03 A Traditional Token Amy Solzreed Peninsula
03 Climb the Coop Amy's Chicken Solzreed Peninsula
04 Rohna's Medicine Serin Solzreed Peninsula
04 A Missing Girl Rohna Solzreed Peninsula
05 A Precious Gift Jenny Solzreed Peninsula
04 Jenny's Father Jenny Solzreed Peninsula
05 The Haunted Monolith Recon Scout Philip Solzreed Peninsula
05 Monolith Researcher Miles Recon Captain Kliik Solzreed Peninsula
05 Velpo's Victims Monolith Ghost Solzreed Peninsula
05 A Guiding Light Monolith Ghost Solzreed Peninsula
05 Echoes from the Past Monolith Researcher Miles Solzreed Peninsula
06 Liam's Fields Shepherd Liam Solzreed Peninsula
06 Hard Times Annette Solzreed Peninsula
06 Home and Hearth Meyer Solzreed Peninsula
06 The Gate of King Solzrean Supervisor Paul Solzreed Peninsula
06 Animal Care Rinji Solzreed Peninsula
06 Feeding Your Foal Wyatt Solzreed Peninsula
06 Fleet-Footed Companion Wyatt Solzreed Peninsula
06 Repeat Offender Supervisor Paul Solzreed Peninsula
06 Lord Ronbann's Secret Gilbert Solzreed Peninsula
06 The Kindness of Strangers Rokland Solzreed Peninsula
06 The Harpy Couple Kathrin Solzreed Peninsula
08 The Forgotten Letter Discarded Box Solzreed Peninsula
07 Joining the Fight Garrison Captain Ake Solzreed Peninsula
06 A Seaworthy Vessel Dock Supervisor Ood Solzreed Peninsula
07 The Stranded Sailor Ral Solzreed Peninsula
07 Carl's Cousin Carl Solzreed Peninsula
07 Defeat the Bloodhand Captain Bloodhands Solzreed Peninsula
07 Turtle Liver Charlie Solzreed Peninsula
07 A Cure for Ellie Charlie Solzreed Peninsula
08 Groundlings in Solzreed Farmer Clark Solzreed Peninsula
08 He Who Would Be King Farmer Fomer Solzreed Peninsula
08 Bunny Behemoths Farmer Gary Solzreed Peninsula
08 Infected Warrens Farmer Ralph Solzreed Peninsula
08 A Simple Ring Rene Solzreed Peninsula
09 A Changed Man Trent the Braggart Solzreed Peninsula
09 Petty Theft Olle's Treasure Chest Solzreed Peninsula
09 The Four Fingers Thieves Mayor Fergus Solzreed Peninsula
09 King of Blackreath Keep Mayor Fergus Solzreed Peninsula
09 Maiden in Distress Healer Ballen Solzreed Peninsula
09 Rescue Bridget Vorden Solzreed Peninsula
08 Borrowed Bravery Lost Swimwear Solzreed Peninsula
09 Tea For Tibbec's Mill Mayor Fergus Solzreed Peninsula
09 The Castigant Ruins Eric Solzreed Peninsula
09 The Sword of Souls Exorcist Kyle Solzreed Peninsula
01 Harpa's Return Apprentice Lessev Gweonid Forest
02 Branch Breaker Naion Gweonid Forest
02 Beal's Feast Madriel Gweonid Forest
03 Climb Time Chef Beal Gweonid Forest
03 Made with Love Chef Beal Gweonid Forest
03 Under Construction Memorist Sellus Gweonid Forest
04 Yuri's Ambition Architect Yuri Gweonid Forest
04 Stone Cold Killer Architect Yuri Gweonid Forest
04 Debt Delivery Memorist Sellus Gweonid Forest
04 Tending the Forest Aien Gweonid Forest
05 The Friendly Feline Reserve Memorist Naphi Gweonid Forest
05 Wing Delivery Reserve Memorist Naphi Gweonid Forest
05 The Fruit of the Spirit Tree Raio Gweonid Forest
05 Studying the Earth Elementals Ios Gweonid Forest
06 Missing Recruits Memorist Nuzan Gweonid Forest
06 The Dead Speak Memorist Nuzan Gweonid Forest
05 Dust to Dust Memorist Delia Gweonid Forest
05 A Captured Curse Memorist Leotis Gweonid Forest
06 A Message for Memoria Memorist Nuzan Gweonid Forest
06 Powerful Soil Ios Gweonid Forest
06 A Woodland Mount Lisein Gweonid Forest
06 Potent Petfood Ginemo Gweonid Forest
06 Raising Your Elk Calf Ginemo Gweonid Forest
06 The Feather Endeavor Ladios Gweonid Forest
07 A Harsh Teacher Apprentice Enoche Gweonid Forest
07 The Flood Fanatic Eliph Gweonid Forest
07 Treacherous Waters Apothecary Nestelle Gweonid Forest
07 The Cursed Conch Ione's Corpse Gweonid Forest
07 Conch Courier Apothecary Nestelle Gweonid Forest
08 The Seers of Soulreath Memorist Malthus Gweonid Forest
08 Dream Catcher Seer Ariad Gweonid Forest
08 Honor the Fallen Aldirion Gweonid Forest
08 Ionalyn's Keepsake Simple Silver Ring Gweonid Forest
08 Send for Help Seer Ariad Gweonid Forest
08 Warning the Greenwood Scout Azria Gweonid Forest
09 The Greenmen's Plight Daltanya Gweonid Forest
09 An Evil Idol Forest Watcher Josephine Gweonid Forest
09 The Drowned Return Veranio Gweonid Forest
09 What Lies Beneath Lydria Gweonid Forest
09 The Children of Ipnya Veranio Gweonid Forest
09 Clearing the Road Kasina Gweonid Forest

Vocation Quest

Level Title Start Location
6 The Blue Salt Brotherhood Elder Trev Solzreed Peninsula
06 To the Farm Navin Gweonid Forest

Crafting - Blue Salt Quests


Side Quests