The land of Erenor is home to many varied species and races. As of the Revelation update, there are six playable races in the game. The Eastern Continent known as Haranya is the home of the Firran, Harani, and Warborn. The Western Continent known as Nuimari is the home of the Nuians, Elves, and Dwarves. Concept art has depicted additional races which are currently not available in any region of the game and have little to no information.

Players are initially hostile towards those from the opposing continent (players from Nuimari are hostile to players from Haranya, and vice versa), and each race has their own unique Storyline and Language. Characters in each alliance begin their adventure in different continents. They cannot converse with each other unless they learn the other continent's language.

Nuians Elves Firran Harani
Dwarves Warborn
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