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Note: The Clusters (or shards) are servers that share the same Auction House. Meaning something listed on the Auction House in Aranzeb can be purchased on Kraken, but not on Reckoning or Vengeance.

Servers that are considered Legacy are servers that have been present before the 3.0 Update. Servers marked as Fresh Start are the newest servers to the game.

Server List

North America (NA)

(Legacy) Cluster/Shard 1 - Aranzeb, Conviction, Kraken, Kyrios, Thunderwing
(Fresh Start) Cluster/Shard 2 - Reckoning, Vengeance

Europe (EU)

(Legacy) Cluster/Shard 1 - Eanna, Retribution, Shatigon, Tempest
(Fresh Start) Cluster/Shard 2 - Prophecy